What is Explore?

  • Explore is a range of free KONTAKT sample libraries created by experimenting with instruments, textures and any gear that comes in my way.

    These libraries offer sounds going from simple acoustic pianos or synthesizers to the most unexpected sounds of everyday objects or purely experimental ones.

    For me, the goal is simply to have fun creating them and I hope for you, to enjoy playing them and getting inspiration in any way.

    And who knows? Maybe some of these little experiments will one day become bigger libraries!

A wide range of controls

  • Mixer

    Blend the layers for the balance you are looking for.

  • Envelope

    A classic ADSR envelope

  • Filter

    A multimode filter for sound design experiments.

  • Color

    A drive circuit and two unique controls for extra character.

  • Delay

    Five algorithms to get the right effect for the right sound.

  • Reverb

    Three algorithms to emulate real spaces or go crazy with it.

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  • And more

    With also pitch and EQ controls, MIDI tools and more, the explore libraries let you sculpt deeply yet quickly your patches.


  • Every Explore library is completely free to download.
    However, if you want, you can add a tip while ordering them.
    This will not only support my work but it also and most of all helps me create and develop future libraries.