Midnight Upright


Soft and imperfect upright piano library with textural layers for an instant mood.
Library not licenced. Full Kontakt 6 software needed.

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Like Hammer & Felt, this piano library is far from being perfect.Recorded with a pair of Neumann KM184 microphones for a nice stereo imaging, this beautifully untuned piano has a blanket between the strings and the hammers for a really fragile and sweet sound with not many harmonics.

It includes:
3 dynamic layers for the piano sound for easy playability and nice keyboard responsiveness.
Release triggers and pedal on and off for more realism.
Long silent room noise sample for adding on top of the composition to get back the authenticity of a real recording.


To add more depth and versatility, 3 sound sources have also been recorded and processed for nice background layers:

A pad like sound created by processing the piano samples into a Tascam Portastudio 414 mkII and recorded thru a Boss KM60 70's mixer.


This is the same sound as Tape Pad but one octave lower for more flexibility when blending with the piano sound.


Recording of an old Lorenzo Chord Organ using a pair of Neumann KM184.

Interface LOGO.png

Mic level fader to adjust the piano layer volume. 
Noise level for pedal noises and release triggers volumes.
Texture level fader to adjust the texture layer volume
Lowpass filter for the texture layer.
Attack and Release parameters for the texture layer
Delay & Space reverb send effects with timing controls.
Low and high frequencies level knobs to change the timbre or simply incorporate the instrument in the rest of your compositions.


Specific References

"Gorgeous GUI ! I love a long sample, particularly for drama. Great sub tones as well. Instant cues"
Christian Henson, composer and founder of Spitfire Audio



"Mesmerizing and unpredictable (in the best way possible). The piano sounds fab, but the “Texture” layers are what put this instrument over the top. Slowly arpeggiate some chords, and the cues practically write themselves.

Brilliant work !"
Pianobook member



"Simply beautiful! There is nothing else to say. It is just great."
Pianobook member



"Bloody lovely piano ! I love the organ layered below it, just completely utterly awesome. Great job !"
Pianobook member



"I love the sounds. I’m a guitarist and a poor pianist but everything is clear and well done to me."

Midnight Upright