Free version of the sampler software. You can download it here. It works with libraries that developers have paid a license fee for. NKS compatible libraries are fully usable with this version. For non-licensed libraries, the full KONTAKT software is required.


Full and paid version of the software. It can load any licensed and unlicensed library.

What version do I own?

To know what KONTAKT version you own, follow the steps below :

  • First, load your KONTAKT application. This can be done either inside your DAW or by navigating to the application via your desktop.
  • Once opened, you will see in the top left-hand corner that your application is either titled "KONTAKT" or "KONTAKT Player". The latter title indicates that you are running the Free version and NOT the Full paid one.
Does my library work with the FREE KONTAKT Player software?

It depends on the library.
To know which one are, look for the mention "Works with KONTAKT Player" on the product page.
If the library only has the mention "Full KONTAKT needed", it will not work with the free KONTAKT Player software and will only work in DEMO mode.

Why does my library run in DEMO mode?

If you are seeing the word ‘DEMO’ written on KONTAKT, one of a few things can be occurring :

Non Player library

If the library doesn’t work with the free KONTAKT Player software, it will only run in ‘DEMO’ mode meaning you will be bale to use it for fifteen minutes. After that, there will be no sound on the output, and you won’t be able to access the editing features.
To solve this problem, you will need to upgrade to the full version of KONTAKT.

To know which version of KONTAKT your library is requiring, look for the mention "Works with KONTAKT Player" or "Full KONTAKT needed" on the product page.

Player library

Due to errors in Native Access, Player libraries can sometimes run in ‘DEMO’ mode, even if correctly authorized. In Particular on Mac OS.
Follow the steps bellow o resolve the problem :

  • From the location, HD/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Service Centre remove the .xml file for the library, Kontakt and Native Access.
  • Delete from the location Mac HD/Library/Preferences - Kontakt and the Library.
  • Reinstall Kontakt from Native Access, then add the relink your library from Native Access.
  • Sometimes certain files in the above locations might be missing, for example the XML for a library. That is ok, and continue without deleting that.
I did not received my serial number

If you didn't receive a serial number for your library, that is probably because it does not come with one and is not authorized /installed via the Native Access application.

In other word, the library is not a licensed one and needs the full and paid version of KONTAKT 6 or higher to work.

In this situation, simply download the files that have been sent by email after your purchase and you’ll be good to go.

If the library you purchased is licensed (KONTAKT Player compatible) and you didn't receive a serial number, get in touch with us using the contact form.


How do I install my library?

To install a library, you first need to to know if it works with the free KONTAKT Player software or if it needs the full version of Kontakt. To do so, you can look for the mention "Works with KONTAKT Player" or "Full version of KONTAKT needed" on the product page.

Once you have this information, follow the steps below :

KONTAKT Player libraries

  • KONTAKT Player libraries installed and authorized on the Native Instruments Native Access application using the serial number provided after your order has been processed.
    If you don't already have Native Access installed on your computer, you can get it here.
  • Log in using your Native Instruments username and password, or create a new account.
    If you do not have KONTAKT or KONTAKT Player installed yet, you can install it from Native Access.
  • Click (+) Add a serial and enter the library serial number sent by email. If you didn't receive it or can not find it, please contact us so we can provide it to you again.
  • Then, click the Install icon next to the library you just added.
  • The library will now be downloaded and automatically added to your KONTAKT libraries.

Full KONTAKT libraries

  • After your order, a download link will be sent by email. If you didn't receive it or can not find it, please contact us so we can provide it to you again.
  • Once downloaded, unzip the file, and place it wherever you want on your computer or hard drive.
  • To load the library, simply double click or drag and drop the .nki file in the KONTAKT empty rack.
Using an external hard drive

If you would like to have your libraries on an external drive, here is how to do it :

KONTAKT Player libraries

  • On Native Access, it is possible to define the path where you want your library to be located while installing it for the first time. To do so, go in General / File Management / Content Location and browse through your desired location.
  • If the library has already been installed, you can still move the files on an external drive. You will then need to go on Native Access application and hit the 'Locate' button on the corresponding product. Browse for the folder where you placed the files, and you will be all set.

Full KONTAKTlibraries

  • Once downloaded, simply drag and drop the whole library file on your desired drive.
  • That's it!

Order and refund

How do I use a discount code?

You can add your discount code by entering it at checkout. The amount or percentage will then be removed from your cart.

Note that some discount codes can not be applied on libraries already on sale.


For KONTAKT Player libraries, a refund is possible within 7 days of your order. Once the 7 days have passed, a refund is not possible anymore.
You can contact us via the contact form to ask for a refund.

For libraries that require the full version of KONTAKT and for Sample Packs, no refund can be provided as they can't be returned.

Please make sure you understand and meet this prerequisite before purchasing.

Still need help?

If you have any question or need further help, feel free to use the contact form.