How do I install a library?

To properly install a library, please refer to this page.


KONTAKT Player is the free version of the Kontakt sampler software. You can download it here.
It works with libraries that developers have paid a license fee for. NKS compatible libraries are fully usable with this version. For non-licensed libraries, the full KONTAKT software is required.

KONTAKT is the full and paid version of the software. It can loads any licensed and unlicensed library.

Does my library work with the FREE KONTAKT Player software?

It depends on the library. To know which one are, look for the mention "Works with KONTAKT Player" on the product page.
A libraries that only has the mention or "Full KONTAKT needed" doesn’t work with the free KONTAKT Player.

Why does my library run in DEMO mode?

If you are seeing the word ‘DEMO’ written on KONTAKT, one of a few things can be occurring :

Non Player library
If the library doesn’t work with the free KONTAKT Player software, it will only run in ‘DEMO’ mode meaning you will be bale to use it for fifteen minutes. After that, there will be no sound on the output, and you won’t be able to access the editing features.
To solve this problem, you will need to upgrade to the full version of KONTAKT.

To know which version of KONTAKT your library is requiring, look for the mention "Works with KONTAKT Player" or "Full KONTAKT needed" on the product page.

Player library
Due to errors in Native Access, Player libraries can sometimes run in ‘DEMO’ mode, even if correctly authorized. In Particular on Mac OS.
Follow the steps bellow o resolve the problem :

- From the location, HD/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Service Centre remove the .xml file for the library, Kontakt and Native Access.
- Delete from the location Mac HD/Library/Preferences - Kontakt and the Library.
- Reinstall Kontakt from Native Access, then add the relink your library from Native Access.

Sometimes certain files in the above locations might be missing, for example the XML for a library. That is ok, and continue without deleting that.

I didn't receive a serial number for my library

If you didn't receive a serial number after your purchase, it is probably because the library you ordered doesn't come with one and needs the full paid version of KONTAKT to work.

These libraries are not authorized on Native Access.
To use them, simply download the files sent by email after your purchase and you will be good to go.

To now if your library needs the full version of KONTAKT, look for the mention "Full KONTAKT needed" on the product page.

If the library you purchased works with KONTAKT Player and you didn't receive your serial number, contact me here so I can send it to you.

How do I use a discount code?

You can add your discount code by entering it at checkout. The amount or percentage will then be removed from your cart.

Note that some discount codes can not be used if the order consists of libraries already on sale.


For KONTAKT Player libraries, a refund is possible within 10 days of your order. Once the 10 days have passed, a refund is not possible anymore. You can contact us via the contact form to ask for a refund.

For libraries that requires the full version of KONTAKT (including free libraries ordered with a tip), no refund can be provided as they can't be returned.

Please make sure you understand and meet this prerequisite before purchasing.

Still have questions?

If you have any question or need further help, feel free to contact me here.