How do I install a library?

First, you need to know if the library works with the free Kontakt Player software or if it needs the full version of Kontakt. To do so, look for the mention "Works with KONTAKT Player" or "Full KONTAKT needed" on the product page.
Kontakt Player libraries also have the Kontakt logo on the product image.
To know what version of Kontakt you own, see this page.

For Kontakt Player libraries

After your order, you will get a serial number sent by email. You’ll also be able to find it on your order history in your customer account.

If not already done, you will then need to download the Native Access application here. 
Next, in the app, go to "Add a serial" and paste the serial number you received so the library can be authorized.
 You will then be able to download and play your new instrument on Kontakt or Kontakt Player software’s.

For Full Kontakt libraries

After your order, a download link will be sent by email.
 You’ll also be able to find it on your order history in your customer account.
Once downloaded, unzip the file, and place it wherever you want on your computer or hard drive.

For further detail about the downloading and installation process, click here.

External drive

Having libraries on an external drive is something quite common. Here is how to do it:

For Kontakt Player libraries

On Native Access, it is possible to define the path where you want your library to be installed. If you already installed it, you could move the files on an external drive. 
You will then need to go on Native Access application and hit the «Locate» button on the corresponding product. Browse for the folder where you placed the files, and you will be all set.

For Full Kontakt libraries

Simply drag and drop the whole library file on your desired drive.

Kontakt Player vs Kontakt

Kontakt Player is the free version of the Kontakt sampler software. You can download it here. It works with libraries that developers have paid a license fee for.

NKS compatible libraries are fully usable with this version.
For non-licensed libraries, the full Kontakt software is required.


For Kontakt Player libraries, a refund is possible within 10 days of your order. Once the 10 days have passed, a refund is not possible anymore. You can contact us via the contact form to ask for a refund.

Since libraries that requires the full version of Kontakt (including free libraries ordered with a tip) can't be returned, no refund can be provided.
Please make sure you understand and meet this prerequisite before purchasing.