Hey there!

Hey, I'm Alex, composer, sound engineer and founder of Nami Audio. 

My passion for music began at the age of 14 when I started taking guitar lessons with my father. I almost immediately fell in love with it and quickly wanted to record my own little compositions.
This is when I discovered my love for composing, recording but most of all sound designing.

10 years later and after having be graduated from my sound engineering school, I decided to dive deeper into sound explorations and founded the project Nami Audio.
I started by exploring the possibilities of sampling and searching new ways to generate ideas and sounds quickly so we can stay in a creative environment.

I believe that sampling is not only a technical task but also and most of all an art. Because it only exists in the digital world, the possibilities are endless and only limited by our imagination. 

Therefore, I take profit as much as I can by not only capturing real instruments performances but also by creating sounds that could not exist in reality in order to trigger inspiration and expand the possibilities of music making.

When it comes to comes to inspiration, we never know when it’s going to come. So we need to be able to play almost as soon as our ideas flows in our heads.

My goal has therefore and will always be to craft simple and intuitive interfaces that never stand on our way so we can stay in a creative environment.

Whether you’re starting in music and don’t know much yet or you’re a professional in search of immediacy, I believe my libraries have something to offer for everyone.

I hope you’ll enjoy my work as much as I enjoy developing it and would love to get your feedbacks so we could improve it all together.