What is Nami Audio?

Nami Audio is a sample library company created at the beginning of 2019. Its purpose is to propose new sonic palettes packed in simple and intuitive interfaces for musician, composer or anyone in search of new sounds for their work.

Who is Nami Audio?

Hey, I'm Alex, a musician, composer, sound engineer and founder of Nami Audio
Before being a company, Nami Audio is a project born from my love of music and sound experimenting. As I developed for a while samples and virtual instruments for my own work, I decided to share some of it with all of you.
I started to work on this project in 2018 by exploring the possibilities of sampling and searching ways to generate ideas and sounds quickly so we can stay in a creative environment.

Why is Nami Audio?

Because music is a universal language and has infinite possibilities. For that reason alone, new sounds will never be too much.
From the simplest piano sounds to the most unexpected sounds of everyday objects, it helps musicians, composers, video games developer and much more getting inspiration quickly and develop their own sonic palettes.

With Nami Audio, I believe that sampling is not only a technical task but also and most of all an art. Because it only exists in the numeric world, the possibilities are endless and only limited by our imagination. Therefore, I take profit as much as I can by not only capturing real instruments performances but also by creating sounds that could not exist in our reality in order to trigger inspiration and expand the possibilities of music making.

When it comes to comes to inspiration, we never know when it’s going to come. We need to be able to play almost as soon as the ideas flows in our head.
This is why I try to create simple and intuitive interfaces that never stand on our way so we can stay in a creative environment.
Whether you’re starting in music and don’t know much yet or you’re a professional in search of immediacy, our libraries have something to offer for everyone.