Cinematic synthesizer made for easy and fast compositions.
A perfect tool to quickly create soundscapes in you scores.
Works with Kontakt Player free software

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Quasar is not your standard synthesizer! At the heart of this library are 67 sampled instruments and sounds for immediate results and new atmospheres.

From classic analog synth patches or acoustic instruments to the most unexpected sounds of everyday objects, its versatility will serve you in many situations making it a perfect tool. 
With a multimode filter and LFO, an envelope, drive, modulation and sends effects, get infinite sound possibilities. Once you created your sound, just play one note or chord and let the library do its magic.


Quasar comes with 67 carefully thought out and meticulously recorded instruments and sound sources to choose from. From classic analog synth patches or acoustic instruments like strings, brass, voice and so on to the most unexpected sounds, there is something for everyone here.
The sounds are organized in 10 categories:

Strings patches created with old rack samplers, analog polyphonic synthesizers or with granular synthesis and real strings recordings. 

Brass patches created with iconic analog synthesizers sent in various peripherals and pedals.

Real mallets recordings such as xylophone, glockenspiel and other mallets like sounds created with everyday objects such as crystal glasses, metal bowls and others processed with various techniques.

Vocal like sounds created with analog and granular synthesizers or old samplers.

Bass synth patches sampled on classic analog synths such as the ARP2600, Moog Minitaur, Roland Juno 106 and more.

Polyphonic synth patches recorded on classic analog synths such as the Roland Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Korg Mono/Poly and Poly800, Novation Peak or sample rack synthesizers.

07. PADS
Synth pad patches recorded on classic analog synths such as the Roland Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Korg Mono/Poly and Poly800 or sample rack synthesizers.

08. KEYS
Real recordings of keys instruments like a Fender Rhodes MK1 or upright pianos processed in various peripherals and pedals.

Textural and ambient sounds created with analog or digital synthesizers, acoustic instruments, everyday objects or fields recordings heavily processed thru rack effects, pedals and in the computer for original soundscapes.

10. FX
Weird sound atmospheres created with the previous recordings and by taking profit of the library’s interface.

All sounds were recorded using classic microphones and preamplifiers for acoustic instruments and DI boxes for line instruments.
Some of peripherals used were an SSL4000 channel strip, Heritage Audio 1073 preamp, Thermionic Culture Vulture or Fat Bustard, SSL Bus Compressor, Heritage Audio 2264 Compressor or a Pultec style EQ.
Used synths were among others a Roland Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Moog Minitaur, ARP 2600, Korg Mono/Poly or Poly800, DX7, granular, wavetable or sample rack synthesizers.
Many software plugins were also used for more complex sound designs.

Despite their varieties, all those recordings have one thing in common: They were heavily sent and drowned in reverberation units like plates, springs, guitar amps reverbs, pedals like the Strymon Big Sky or OTO Machine BAM, RE20, impulse responses or real reverberating spaces.
These processings result in new and original textures resonating for long times almost hiding the natural instruments’ timbres.
Here is the beauty of the library! It’s not about how many notes or chords you play but more about how you let each one of them build over time and develop their own unique soundscapes.



When it comes to inspiration, you never know when it’s going to come. So you need to be able to play almost as soon as the ideas flows in your mind. With only 2 pages and a total of 22 parameters to play with on the interface, Quasar will never stand on your way making it a perfect companion in your composition kit.
Whether you’re starting in music and don’t know a lot yet or you are a professional in search of immediacy, the minimalist interface will help you create your own patches quickly and get ideas easily.



Choose between Lowpass, Highpass or Bandpass filter. Adjust the cutoff frequency and resonance amount to sculpt the sounds to your needs. 

Modulate the filter’s cutoff frequency with a sine, saw, square or random LFO and get sounds going from smooth movements to massive craziness.
Sync the rate to your session for more rhythmical movements or let it be free for beautiful unpredictability. 

Select between tape, tube or stompbox drive to add subtle warmth or completely destroy the sound bringing it in new horizons.

From simple vibrato, to chorus, phaser or flanger, modulation effects will add life, movement and space to any of your patches.

Stereo width control for easy integration to your mixes.

Ping Pong delay with amount, rate and feedback controls for extra fun and rhythms.
Like the LFO, the delay can be synced to your session for perfect timing or can be free for extreme rate values and smooth adjustments.

Beautiful, modulated Space reverb with amount and decay time controls to sit your patches in your desired environment or to add extra shimmer.



A classic ADSR amplitude envelope to get sounds going from lush pads with slow risings to snappy or percussive stabs and hits.

Low and high frequencies level controls to change the timbre or simply incorporate the instrument in the rest of your compositions.

Full control over the LFO waveform, timing and trig behavior for maximum flexibility and movement.





This library comes and works with Native Instruments Kontakt Player free software meaning no extra investment needed.
You can also use it with the full version of Kontakt if you already own it. 
The library is NKS ready meaning it is fully integrated for Native Instruments machines and software with pre-mapped parameters, light guides, hardware library browsing and more.
Learn more about NKS here.



"The sounds have such a purity of intention to them.
The UI is really beautiful and easy to use."
Dan Keen

"So good! The sounds and interface are really great."

"This instrument sounds amazing!"

"Beautiful library and amazing sounds."


Specific References

"The sounds have such a purity of intention to them. The UI is really beautiful and easy to use."
Dan Keen



"So good! The sounds and  interface are really great."



"This instrument sounds amazing !"



"Beautiful library and amazing sounds."

Kontakt or Kontakt Player 6.4.2 or higher
5.15GB of disk space