Installing / Downloading

Player libraries

Kontakt Player libraries can be downloaded using the Native Instruments Native Access application. Install Native Access here if you haven’t done so yet

Log in using your Native Instruments username and password, or create a new account

If you do not have Kontakt or Kontakt Player installed yet, you can now install it from Native Access.

Click (+) Add a serial and enter the library serial number sent by email or on your customer account.

Click the Install icon next to the library you just added.

The library will now be downloaded and automatically added to Kontakt/Komplete.

Non Player libraries

Non Player libraries doesn't have license numbers but requires you to have the full paid version of Kontakt.

Once the library is ordered, a resume will load your downloading files (see images below).

  • Files loading

  • Download link

The download link is also sent by email and you'll be able to access it anytime on your customer account page (see image below).

  • Account