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Hammer and Felt

Upright piano library with classic, soft and experimental sounds.
Use Hammer for general purposes, Felt for more intimate compositions and dive deep into soundscapes with the Texture patches.
Works with KONTAKT Player
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3 Instruments

  • Hammer

    Classic upright piano for general purposes to quickly get ideas out of your head and easily tell your stories.

  • Felt

    Felted upright for a more fragile and pure sound with lots of character.

  • Texture

    From lush analog pads or tape loops to experimental pianos, these patches are beautiful behind any of your compositions.

Carefully recorded in an empty house in the middle of the night, this lovely Pleyel upright piano were captured using a pair of Neumann KM184 microphones placed at ears height for a nice stereo imaging. While Hammer has the microphones placed at the player level, Felt has them as near as possible to the hammers so you can get all the mechanism sounds, imperfections and felt sweetness giving you the feeling of being inside the piano.

With 4 dynamic layers, release triggers, pedal and room noise, get a nice playability and the authenticity of a real recording.

Texture patches

Layer these pianos with one of the 24 beautiful experimental patches from the Texture instrument.
While some of them are simply Hammer or Felt samples mangled and played thru various machines for unique patches, other are new recordings of the piano played in less conventional ways such as hitting, tickling or muting the strings.

Simple and intuitive GUI

With only 12 knobs and one page to play with on the interface, this library will never stand on your way making it a perfect companion to your composition tools.
Whether you’re starting in music and don’t know a lot yet or you are a professional in search of immediacy, the minimalist and simple interfaces will help you create your own sounds quickly and get ideas very easily.

  • Hammer and Felt interface

    Mix the different layers for the perfect balance.

    Gently apply character with tape saturation or destroy the sound by adding lot of it.

    Play with tape wobble effect for a nice lo-fi sound or to go crazy and experimental.

    Delay and Reverb controls for extra fun and rhythms or to add beautiful shimmers.

  • Texture interface

    Multimode filter with Resonance amount to sculpt the sounds to your needs.

    Attack and Release controls to get sounds going from lush pads with slow risings to more percussive sounds.

    Tape saturation, Delay and Reverb controls.

Made for Kontakt Player

This library comes and works with Native Instruments Kontakt Player free software meaning no extra investment is needed.
The library is also NKS ready meaning it is fully integrated for Native Instruments machines and software with pre-mapped parameters, light guides, hardware library browsing and more.
Learn more about NKS here.

  • Software

    Kontakt or Kontakt Player 6.4.2
    or higher

  • Samples

    46 snapshots

    Nearly 400 samples at 48kHz, 24bit

  • File size

    2.08GB of
    disk space needed