• Unique 808 and Subs
  • Classic analog and digital basses
  • Heavy processed through hardwares and pedals
  • Comprehensive 3 layers interface
  • Over 250 pre made presets
  • NKS ready
Software requirements
  • Works with the free KONTAKT Player software or KONTAKT 6.4.2 and higher.
  • Full support for Native Instruments software and hardware including browsing, sound previews, key light-guides and more. Learn more about NKS here.
Disk space
  • 252 snapshots
  • Over 1300 samples at 48kHz, 24bit
  • 2.8GB of disk space needed


NKS compatible

Works on Maschine

Low ends like you never heard

Get heavy Subs and 808 push the sounds further bringing them into new and unique rumbling horizons.

3 layers engine

With its complete yet simple 3 layers interface, blend at any time three types of sounds together from a beautiful selection of 77 patches and get infinite possibilities.

From carefully crafted 808 and Subs to classic analog and digital synthesizers patches.

Heavy processed sounds thru a wide range of outboard units and pedals for unheard textures.

12 classic oscillators and noise from analog synthesizers to beef up your sound designs.

From the purest sine wave to the most complex and modulated patch, MASS offers a wide range of sound possibilities spread across three layers with each one having its own universe :


Featuring a set of 31 patches of 808 and analog/digital synthesizers sampled on some of most known machines (ARP2600, /Juno 6 and 106 / Prophet 600 / MS20 / TB303 / Minitaur / DX7 / and more).Get sounds going simple and hard 808 subs to classic mono synth bass lines, acid sequences or heavy Donks and Reeses.


34 patches of 808, analog and modular synthesizers heavily processed through an amazing range of rare and vintage or modern and unique hardware units, mixers and guitar pedals (Echoplex Tape echoes / Fairchild / Eventide H910 Harmonizer / Oberheim and Maestro ring modulator, phase shifter, overdrive, filter / Trident Fleximix / BOSS KM60 / Knas Ekdhal Moisturizer Spring Reverb / Lyra8 / Gamechanger Light Pedal).This layer is the core of the instrument and bring the low end into new horizons going from heavy distortions, complexe modulations or unheard delay and reverb atmospheres.


Select one of the 12 available raw oscillator or noise patch to add extra low end, harmonics or to go completely crazy on sound designs.


Full control over each layer
  • ADSR envelope
  • Tuning or layer Transpose
  • Multimode Filter
  • Volume and sound selection
Complete Glide section

With Time, key switches and Legato controls

5 FX modules
  • Multimode Filter with resonance or Chorus, Flanger and Phaser modulation effects
  • Color engine with Drive, Wow, Flutter and more
  • Simple yet complete Compressor
  • Multimode Delay and Reverb with simple controls
Matrix page

Assign each FX module to one or multiple layers for deep sound design possibilities.

Advanced settings

With pitch, 3 band EQ, Stereo Width, mod wheel assignment and more.

250 ready to use presets

For instant playability and inspiration

As simple as the instrument is to use, MASS comes with more than 250 pre-made snapshots for instant playability and inspiration.
Neatly organized into 8 categories (808 and Subs / Bass / Synth / Lead / Plucks / Pads / Drums and Percussions / FX), get any sound going from simple bass lines, ear piercing leads, gritty stabs and rumbling pads to characterful synths and unique percussions.

Thanks to its NKS Implementation, just load a preset and let the instrument speak by itself or go deep into sound design words with the only limitation being your imagination.