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Midnight Upright

Soft and imperfect upright piano library with textural layers for an instant mood.
Library not licensed. Full Kontakt 6 software needed.
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Piano layer

  • 3 dynamic layers

    For easy playability
    and dynamic.

  • Release triggers / Pedal noise

    For more realism.

  • Room noise

    Get back the authenticity of a real recording.

Texture layer

Choose between 3 sound sources to get more depth and texture on top of the piano layer.

  • Tape Pad

    A pad like sound created with the piano samples re-recorded thru a tape deck and vintage mixer.

  • Tape Pad Sub

    “Tape Pad” sound one octave lower for more flexibility when blending with the piano layer.

  • Litlle Organ

    Vintage Chord Organ full of character and imperfections.

Simple and intuitive GUI

With only 12 knobs play with on the interface, this library will never stand on your way making it a perfect companion to your composition tools.
Whether you’re starting in music and don’t know a lot yet or you are a professional in search of immediacy, the minimalist and simple interface will help you create your own sounds quickly and get ideas very easily.

  • Mix the different layers for a perfect balance.

    AR envelope and Lowpass filter for the texture layer.

    Low and High frequencies levels.

    Delay and Reverb controls for extra fun and rhythms or to add a beautiful shimmer.

  • Software

    Kontakt 6.4.2
    or higher

  • Samples

    9 snapshots

    83 samples at 48kHz, 24bit

  • File size

    345.8Mo of
    disk space needed

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