• Felted upright piano
  • Expressive Texture layer
  • Over 450 samples
  • Full version of KONTAKT 6.7.1 or higher needed
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What's included?

  • 3 dynamic layers

    For an easy playability and a sweet dynamic response.

  • Release triggers / Pedal noises

    For more realism.

  • Texture layer

    Pad layer to get extra depth and texture behind the piano layer.

Like Hammer and Felt, this piano library is far from being perfect. Recorded with a pair of Neumann KM184 microphones for a nice stereo imaging, this Wilh.Steinmann upright piano has a blanket between the strings and the hammers for a fragile and sweet felted sound with few harmonics. With an extra Texture layer, add interest to the sound or create experimental patches.

Lite vs Full version

  • Lite version

    • FREE
    • One control per FX
    • 3 Drive types : Classic / Tape / Tube
    • 3 Reverb types : Room / Plate / Hall
  • Full version

    • 5€
    • Full control over all FX
    • 5 Drive types : Classic / Tape / Tube / Pedal / Lofi
    • Wow and Flutter effects
    • 4 Delay types : Modern / Analog / Tape / Vintage
    • 4 Reverb types : Room / Plate / Hall / Diffusion
    • Pre-made snapshots


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Full paid version of KONTAKT 6.7.1 or higher required
KONTAKT Player is NOT supported with this library.


A download link will sent by email after the order has been processed (usually takes less than 2 minutes).
No serial number is required for authorizing the library.

Disk space

Only 358MB of disk space needed