• Upright

    Upright piano full of character and imperfections.

  • Space

    Reverbs and time based effect patches for adding dimension to the instrument.

  • Machine

    Warped textures created with peripherals, software processing and unusual recording techniques.

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Midnight Warps is the evolution of Midnight Upright, a library from the Explore range.
It is a felted upright piano full of character and imperfections that was recorded with a pair of small condenser microphones at ear level for a nice stereo imaging and a feeling of being at the player position.
A blanket has been placed between the strings and the hammers to create a felt like sound. The result are attacks with lots of noises and bite and soft sustains that won’t overwelm busy compositions.

The magic in this library lives in the two other layers that can be added on top of the piano sound or used on their own :

  • Space

    Including 5 patches of the piano sent into different reverbs or time based effect units for adding dimension to the instrument or to get new sound possibilities and unique reverb behaviors.

  • Machine

    13 patches of the piano mangled with a wide range of peripherals, software processing and unusual recording technique to get interesting textures in the background or to go completely experimental.

A new interface

  • In addition to the three layers and their controls, Midnight Warps also comes with a nice curation of effects like Filter, Drive, Compression, Delay, Reverb, and advanced parameters for maximum control over the instrument and to go even deeper in sound designs.

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Midnight Warps

Midnight Warps

  • 20 instruments
  • More than 700 samples at 48kHz, 24bit
  • 4.56GB of disk space needed
  • Full version of KONTAKT 6.7.1 or higher needed

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