A wide range of sounds

  • Acoustic

    Unusual strings, brass, mallets, or voices for a totally different vibe from your typical orchestral library.

  • Synthetic

    Classic analog and digital syntheizers for pads, stabs, basses, or experimental patches.

  • Organic

    Heavily processed textural and ambient sounds created with fields recordings or everyday objects.

Quasar is not your standard synthesizer! At the heart of the library are 67 sampled instruments and sounds for immediate results and unique atmospheres. From classic analog synth patches or acoustic instruments to the most unexpected sounds of everyday objects, its versatility will serve you in many situations making it a perfect tool. With a multimode filter and LFO, an envelope, drive, modulation and sends effects, get infinite sound possibilities. Once you created your sound, just play one note or chord, and let the library do its magic.

  • Massive spaces

    Despite their varieties, all the recordings have one thing in common:
    They were heavily sent and drowned in reverberation units or real acoustic spaces. This results in new and original texturesresonating for long times almost hiding the natural instruments’ timbres.
    Here is the beauty of the library: It’s not about how many notes or chords you play but more about how you let them build over time and develop their own unique soundscapes.

  • Long and dynamic samples

    In addition to the reverb, many patches have been recorded at multiple dynamic layers or for long times.
    Dynamic layers let you access different sample sets to get new character in the sounds like added effects, modified reverbs and more, giving you more life and expressiveness.
    Long patches have been recorded while adjusting parameters or varying the playing method. This results in immediate and long evolving performances.

Simple and intuitive interface

  • Main page

    Multimode filter with cutoff frequency and resonance amount to sculpt the sounds to your needs. 
    Multimode LFO modulating the filter’s cutoff frequency to get sounds going from smooth movements to massive craziness. Sync its rate to your session for more rhythmical movements or let it be free for beautiful unpredictability. Add drive for subtle warmth or to completely destroy the sound bringing it in new horizons.
    With vibrato, chorus, phaser or flanger, modulation effects will add life, movement, and space to any of the patches.
    Width control to go extra wide.
    Delay controls for extra fun and rhythms.
    Beautiful, modulated Space reverb to sit your patches in your desired environment or to add shimmer.

  • Control page

    Classic ADSR envelope to get sounds going from lush pads with slow risings to snappy or percussive stabs and hits.
    Low and high frequencies level controls to change the timbre or simply incorporate the instrument to your compositions.
    Full control over the LFO waveform, timing and trig behavior for maximum flexibility and movement.

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  • More than 150 snapshots
  • Nearly 1100 samples at 48kHz, 24bit
  • 5.15GB of disk space needed
  • NKS ready
  • Works with KONTAKT Player and KONTAKT 6.4.2 or higher

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